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MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS OF OUR FEDERATION ASSOC. OF ELECTRICITY PRODUCERS & CONSUMERS BASED ON WIND ENERGY • Wind energy is the movement (kinetic) energy of the air flow that creates the wind. Some of this energy can be converted into useful mechanical or electrical energy.  The use of the power of the wind dates back to very old times. Sailing ships and windmills can be cited as the first form of wind power utilization. Later, wind power was used for grain grinding, pumping water and cutting wood. It is used today to produce more electricity.  In the fossil and fuel methods, harmful gases are released into the atmosphere, and these gases pollute the air and water. None of these harmful gases are released into the atmosphere during the wind energy, so the wind energy is a clean energy, the only pollution it creates is noise. The noises made by the propellers while rotating are greatly reduced today.  The earth warms up unevenly by the sun, rising from the poles to the equator. Also, the land heats up (and cools down) faster than the seas. The temperature difference allows the global atmospheric heat dissipation system to extend from the soil surface to the stratosphere. Most of the energy stored as a result of these wind movements can be found at high altitudes where the speed of the wind exceeds 160 km / h. As a result, wind energy transforms into all kinds of shapes, from friction to propagation, on the soil surface and throughout the atmosphere. The total amount of power utilized by the wind is like an ear in the camel as well as from all sources. The potential wind power of the soil, estimated at 72 TW (TeraWatt), is commercially available. PURPOSE AND FIELD OF ACTIVITY OF THE ASSOCIATION • Our association was established in order to develop electricity production based on wind energy, to evaluate the potential of our country in this regard, to increase efficiency with wind energy based electricity generation resources, wind energy based electricity production and technologies, to prepare or prepare national and international projects for this purpose, to support national and international projects prepared for this purpose, to make partnerships, to implement and implement the projects prepared, to support national and international individuals, institutions and organizations working towards the purpose of the association. Wind Energy Association
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