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MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS OF OUR FEDERATION ASSOCIATION OF ELECTRICITY PRODUCERS BASED ON SOLAR ENERGY • Solar energy is a technology based on obtaining energy from sunlight. The energy radiated by the Sun and reaching our Earth is the radiation energy that is released by the fusion process in the core of the Sun. The conversion of hydrogen gas in the sun to helium results from the fusion process. Outside the Earth's atmosphere, the intensity of solar radiation is more or less constant and 1370 W / m2; however, it varies between 0-1100 W / m2 on earth. Even a small part of this energy coming to Earth is many times more than the current energy consumption of humanity. Studies on solar energy utilization have accelerated especially after 1970s, Solar energy systems have shown a technological progress and a decrease in cost. Solar energy has established itself as an environmentally clean primary energy source. PURPOSE AND FIELD OF ACTIVITY OF THE ASSOCIATION • Our association was established in order to improve the production of solar energy based on electricity, to evaluate the potential of our country in this regard, to increase the efficiency of solar energy based electricity generation resources, to generate electricity and technologies based on solar energy, to prepare or prepare national and international projects for this purpose, to support national and international projects prepared, to partner to implement and implement the prepared projects, to support national and international individuals, institutions and organizations working in line with the purpose of the association. Solar Energy Association
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