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MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS OF OUR FEDERATION ASSOC. OF HYDROGEN-BASED ELECTRICITY PRODUCERS & CONSUMERS • Today, it is accepted by all scientists that the most advanced technology that can meet the increasing energy need of the world without polluting the environment and sustainably is the hydrogen energy system. Hydrogen energy does not have a threat to human and environmental health. Hydrogen obtained from water and biomass as well as fossil sources such as coal and natural gas are considered as energy carriers rather than energy sources. There are circles that call electricity the energy carrier of the 20th century and hydrogen the energy carrier of the 21st century. Hydrogen is an energy system that can be produced locally, easily and safely, with little energy loss during transportation, from transportation vehicles to heating, from industry to our kitchens. In addition to its direct use in hydrogen internal combustion engines, it is also a fuel suitable for flameless burning on catalytic surfaces. However, it is in line with fuel cell technology where the development hydrogen in the world is used as fuel. Fuel batteries, which started to be used by NASA in space studies in the late 1950s, have been successfully used in industry and service sectors, especially in the transportation sector. They can be used for mobile applications such as fuel cells, portable computers, mobile phones, as well as suitable power providers for power plants. Due to their high efficiency and low emissions, they have found wide use in the transportation sector. PURPOSE AND FIELD OF ACTIVITY OF THE ASSOCIATION • Our association was established in order to develop technological products for the production, storage and effective use of hydrogen in our country, to expand the use of these products and to increase their efficiency, to prepare or prepare national and international projects for this purpose, to support national and international projects prepared, to make partnerships, to implement and implement prepared projects. To support national and international individuals, institutions and organizations that work towards the purpose of the association. Hydrogen Energy Association
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