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MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS OF OUR FEDERATION ASSOC. OF ELECTRICITY PRODUCERS & CONSUMERS BASED ON HYDRAULIC EN. • The cycle of hydraulic power, water vapor transport and condensation in the cold air wave as rain or snow to the earth, flowing from high places into the sea as a stream-river-river, the re-evaporation of water from the earth by solar energy is a natural phenomenon. The energy of this water flowing from high altitudes is renewable energy and is converted into electrical energy with the help of hydroelectric power plants. Hydraulic energy meets 19% of the electricity need in the world and constitutes 69% of renewable energy. PURPOSE AND FIELD OF ACTIVITY OF THE ASSOCIATION • Our association was established in order to improve the production of electricity based on hydraulic energy, to evaluate the potential of our country in this regard, to increase the efficiency of electricity based on hydraulic energy, the production and technologies based on hydraulic energy, to prepare or prepare national and international projects for this purpose, to support national and international projects prepared for this purpose, to make partnerships, to implement and implement the projects prepared, to support national and international individuals, institutions and organizations working towards the purpose of the association. Hydraulic Energy Association
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