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MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS OF OUR FEDERATION ASSOCIATION OF LICENSED OR UNLICENSED ELECTRICITY PRODUCERS AND CONSUMERS FROM RENEWABLE ENERGY IN URBAN AND RURAL AREAS • Renewable energy sources are the energy obtained from the energy flow that exists in the natural processes that are constantly going on. These sources can be listed as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydraulic energy, biomass energy and hydrogen energy.  Most generally, renewable energy source; It is defined by the ability to renew itself equally to the energy received from the energy source or more quickly than the depletion rate of the source. For example, a technology powered by solar energy consumes this energy, but the energy consumed remains very small next to total solar energy. The most common form of renewable energy comes from the sun. Some forms store solar energy and wind power.  Renewable energy; it is not possible to consume it permanently by plants, animals and people. While fossil fuels are theoretically renewable, given a very long timeline, they are in danger of being completely depleted in the near future as a result of their exploitation. PURPOSE AND FIELD OF ACTIVITY OF THE ASSOCIATION • Our association was established in order to develop technological products for the production, storage and effective use of renewable energy in our country, to expand the use of these products and to increase their efficiency, to prepare or prepare national and international projects for this purpose, to support national and international projects, to make partnerships, to implement prepared projects. and implementing them, establishing economic enterprises in line with the purpose of the association, supporting national and international individuals, institutions and organizations that work towards the purpose of the association. Agri-Energy Association
Energy Federation
Federation of All Energy Producer and Consumer Associations